You’ll Never Guess Who Is Taking Over

It is not uncommon to be… surprised by this choice!

It's not unusual to be... surprised by this decision!

Mom. Funkin’. Carlton!

Sorry, Tom Bergeron, you have had an excellent run.

Actually, we are quite confident Tom is fine with this — he is been doing the show for years now, as well as hosting Dancing With The Stars. He really made the statement during the DWTS ending on Tuesday night.

Not only did Alfonso Ribeiro take home the Mirror Ball Trophy in season 19 of the star dance contest… but he got a fresh job, also. Win/win if you ask me.

Tom has really hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos since 2001, which can be an unbelievable period of time to host anything. Alfonso is taking the helm in the 26th season of the show, and it’s no actual signs of slowing down.

Now, it is as much of as an American pastime as Baseball, canned cheese, or saying things are an “American pastime.”

However, I miss Bob Saget. They should consistently let him cohost let him do it uncensored, and the season finales. Now THAT would be amusing.

Awwww yissssss.

Awwww yissssss.