First-person horror games are usually very similar. Walking around a location you shouldn’t be, flashlight as your main weapon, jump scares, it’s hard not to get a little bored with them. But I maintain hope, that one day, their will be another game that scares me as badly as the first Clock Tower when I was six years old, or PT, or Fatal Frame II.

Perception may just be the next great horror movie. What makes it stand out? The main character is blind.

Ex-BioShock and Dead Space developers are currently trying to fund it on Kickstarter, with a lofty goal of $150,000. So far, the developers have been spending their own money, and the trailer they’ve come up with is incredibly unnerving.

Perception’s core mechanic involves tapping your cane to “see” what’s around you. Unfortantily, every time you make a noise, it alerts the spirits, and the scariest of all is called The Presence.


The game’s main character, Cassie, had had dreams about a house for years, and her research finally leads her to a creepy home. She finds out that supernatural forces have been tormenting the residents for ages, she wants to find out why, and she wants to stop it.

The deadly game of hide and seek hopes to ship by June 2016.