This Hilarious Womans Rant About Leggings Is Spot On

A Tennessee woman has spoken out about her hatred for people who wear leggings as pants and as it turns out, we have all been thinking the same thing.

After Jamie Higdon Randolph posted a video of her rant about leggings on Facebook, it went viral and has now been viewed over 12 million times.

The clip, titled Leggings aint pants, shows Jamie on a hilarious rampage about why people should never EVER wear them without a suitable top.

Randolph, from Cleveland, Tennessee, decided to make the public service announcement after growing sick and tired of seeing peoples underwear through their inadequate pants.


According to her, if you can see your Aztec-print thongs through your leggings you shouldnt be wearing them at all. Thats rule number one, apparently.

Throughout the video, she outlines all of the reasons why leggings are definitely not the same as trousers.

However, she is not saying that leggings are bad. Far from it, she loves them, but she simply believes that certain people need to be educated on the dos and dont of this pesky fashion item.

Some of you people like to use leggins, as pants-pants, she explains. That aint how theyre supposed to be worn.

Oh, and if your leggins are too tight so she can see your tattoo through them, thems called pantyhose, honey. Panty. Hose.

Basically, wear a top that covers your bum and you should be fine.


In case you are still unsure, here is a very simple diagram that shows you how you should and, more importantly, how you shouldnt wear your leggings.

Got it? Good. We hope for your sake, you have never and will never commit this serious sin.

Now, catch Jamie in action.

Watch her hilarious rant in the short clip below: