Monty Python Gives Simon Pegg The Power To Do

Has Simon Pegg been working out?

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect comedy film.

In your mind’s eye… does it star Simon Pegg with Robin Williams voicing his talking dog? Is Kate Beckinsale the love interest?

Was it written by Monty Python and has Python’s Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, and Eric Idle all voicing aliens?

Well, congrats, you somehow just imagined the upcoming movie Absolutely Anything.

It’s directed by Terry Jones and, if you can get past the sad fact it’s Robin William’s final film role, you’ll probably laugh your face off.

The movie has a simple premise: a bunch of aliens give one man (Simon Pegg) the power to have or do absolutely anything he wants. He has to use the powers for good or else the Earth will be destroyed.

That sounds amazing. This looks absolutely hilarious.

Check out the trailer and see what a man might do with the power to do Absolutely Anything.