Magical News! Kate Upton Might Be Joining The Cast Of

First she’s a mythical goddess in the crappy app Game of War, now she might be the second female lead in the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff? Everything’s coming up Upton.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is currently in the process of casting its two female leads, and wouldn’t you know it, Kate Upton is up for one of the parts.

Hey, who just cast Engorgio on me? Oh. Never mind. False alarm, muggles!

I am a big fan of Kate, and I am a big fan of Harry Potter, so when I hear that there might be a center to this Venn diagram, yeah, I’ll admit: I get a little to exceedingly excited.

Here’s what Variety had to say about the casting potentials so far:

“According to multiple sources, Saoirse Ronan, Dakota Fanning, Lili Simmons, and Alison Sudol are up for Tina while Kate Upton, Katherine Waterston, and Elizabeth Debicki are testing for Queenie.

Now, Tina (not Bob’s Burger‘s Tina) is Eddie Redmayne… uh, Newt Scamander’s love interest, while Queenie is not I guess? Oh well, that’s Newt’s loss.

Is there a Kate for Queenie petition I can sign?