How Larry Beckwith’s Generosity Has Helped Countless Others

The man who keeps on giving.

The man who keeps on giving.

Larry Beckwith is a wildly successful entrepreneur, who’s earned millions as CEO of Eco-Energy, Inc. and, more recently, as head of Iconic Entertainment Group and Beckwith Enterprises.

It takes a special type of intelligence to flourish in such a diverse range of businesses… from biofuel to country music.

It also takes a special type of heart to use your achievements to help those less fortunate.

Larry is a man who truly knows what it means to “give back.”

Here are some of the many charities Larry supports!

Here are some of the many charities Larry supports!

The music industry’s T.J. Martell Foundation funds new and innovative medical research that’s focused on finding cures for leukemia, cancer, and AIDS.

In addition, those involved support early-stage research projects that are aimed at developing more effective clinical treatments for patients, which might not be funded otherwise.

Larry has been one of the foundation’s most prominent supporters for years. He has even co-chaired their Best Cellars Dinner events.

Larry has also been a financial supporter of the PENCIL Foundation, which is one of the premier organizations that links community resources of both volunteers and materials with Metro Nashville Public Schools.

PENCIL is responsible for eight different educational programs. Preparing students for graduation, providing academic enrichment opportunities, and getting school supplies to children who need them are just some of the ways the organization makes a real difference.

You can learn more about PENCIL by clicking right here.

Anyone close to Larry knows that he’s a huge music lover, as evidenced by his launching of Iconic Entertainment Group.

That love has translated to thousands of dollars in donations to the Country Music Hall of Fame. The money goes towards the establishment’s work to preserve and interpret the traditions and history of country music.

You can find out more about becoming a supporter right here.

These are just a few of the many worthwhile charities that Mr. Beckwith supports. Anyone who meets Larry knows that he is a man who puts others first.