Neverland Ranch Can Now Be Yours, For Just $100 Million!

Good news multi-millionaire musicians/entertainers with a penchant for magic who are looking for the perfect piece of real estate that’s big enough to house amusement park rides, the piece de resistance is back on the market.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Michael Jackson‘s Neverland Ranch is going on the market for a cool $100 million.

The property (committed to memory from countless hours of helicopter footage from the news), located about 40 miles out of Santa Barbara, is reportedly now referred to as “Sycamore Valley Ranch”–but let’s be real it will forever and ever be referred to as Neverland Ranch (and occasionally never, never land).

But rather than spending this time living in the past, let’s help sell the property to the one to three folks reading this who can potentially afford the hefty price tag.

Should you be interested in purchasing this historical piece of property you will have the following:

  • 2,700 acres
  • 22 structures
  • Not one, but TWO lakes!
  • A four-bedroom guesthouse
  • A two-bedroom guesthouse
  • A swimming pool (with a cabana!)
  • A basketball court (likely where MJ practiced how to do this)
  • A tennis court
  • A 50-seat movie theater (with a private viewing balcony)
  • AND a stage that includes trap doors (for magic!)
  • Plus, the estate may even throw in Tito as part of the deal*

And while the zoo, amusement park, and staffed fire station are no longer, the estate’s floral clock and railway are still intact.

Good luck to whoever inherits this landmark piece of pop culture.

*Tito Jackson not part of the package deal, may be sold separately.