Bill Nye, Your Favorite Childhood

Sex, Explained

Sex, Explained

On Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s National Geographic show, StarTalk (via UpRoxx), we got to watch a clip of Bill Nye explaining sex… And it was everything 90’s nostalgic lovers live for.

Bill used New York’s Museum of Sex as his platform to speak to us about the evolutionary purpose of sex. Our favorite Science Guy actually said things like: “When it comes to sex, we’re all animals,” and, “When it comes to humans, we want to have sex all the time. Procreation, schmo-creation.” And it was awesome.

Oh, and the best one:

“All this talk about sex is making me hungry. Wait, that’s not what I meant. All this talk about sex is making me horny.

Do yourself a favor and watch it right now.