Jimmy Kimmel Wont Air New Episode During Lettermans Last Show Out Of Respect

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Jimmy Kimmel is a true gentleman.

On May 20th, Jimmy Kimmel will air a rerun of his show Jimmy Kimmel Live! instead of a new episode. And it’s all David Letterman‘s fault.

Letterman’s last night as the host of The Late Show is on May 20th, and Jimmy wouldn’t risk stealing a single viewer from Letterman’s last show. Kimmel said:

I have too much respect for Dave to do anything that would distract viewers from watching his final show. Plus, I’ll probably be crying all day, which makes it hard to work.

That’s a really nice thing for Kimmel to do. He really admires Letterman and is showing him an incredible amount of respect by bowing out on Letterman’s last night.

Letterman’s other competitors in the 11:30pm slot will continue on with their normal programming. Dicks.

Just kidding about the “dicks” comment. One of Letterman’s rival hosts who shares the same timeslot, Conan O’Brien, wrote a glowing piece about Letterman, saying:

Every day, I read that a new comic has ‘changed the game,’ and, admittedly, there is an absurd abundance of talent and creativity out there right now. But in today’s world of 30 late-night programs, it’s tempting now to take Dave for granted. Do not. Dave was a true revolution – and I believe his innovations are up there with the light bulb and the Twix bar.

Those words are as true as they are beautiful. Letterman is totally Twix.

One thing’s for sure, the late night game will never be the same.