50 Shades Darker

Mr. Grey will see you now… through his awesome, velvety mask.

You know Fifty Shades Of Grey? It’s that Twilight fanfic turned violent porno masquerading as a love story.

Well guess what? The sick masses are being punished with the sequel they so desperately want. (Oooyeah, give it to them.)

Fifty Shades Darker isn’t coming too soon, but it’s willing to tease you until it comes.

Just watch how Jamie Dornan puts on a suit jacket. Oh yes… ooo, then be captivated as he totally puts on a mask… mmmm…

That dude sure knows how to put on a jacket and mask. If the film is anything like this teaser, it’ll be a two-hour Men’s Warehouse ad.

Can’t wait to see Fifty Shades Darker? Then check out this teaser and prepare to be all hot and teased: