How David Kang Became Hollywood’s Premier Casting Director

Need to cast a commercial or music video? David’s your man.

Need to cast a commercial or music video? David

David Bowie… Britney Spears… Trey Songz… The Killers… Taylor Swift… Rod Stewart… Bob Dylan…

What do the above artists have in common? They have all chosen David Kang to cast their music videos. Millions and millions of views later, David now ranks as one of the top casting directors in the business.

Before beginning a career in Hollywood, David spent four years in the U.S. Marine Corps. That experience helped with his decision to launch Combat Casting, where he cast real military, police officers and firemen in television and films.

David is a big Dodgers fan.

David is a big Dodgers fan.

David’s next business venture was Networks Casting Services where he spent five years booking hundreds of extras on a daily basis. After selling the company, David moved on to Background Players, where he cast extras in films like Mr. Woodcock, Disturbia, World Trade Center and Rent.

Some of the films David has cast…

Some of the films David has cast...

18 months after joining the management at Background Players, David formed the company where he remains to this day: David Kang Casting. He initially booked extras at the firm, but in 2006, he opened up a principal casting division.

The establishment has since become one of the most respected commercial and music video casting agencies in town. David currently works with over 60 directors and 40 producers. His commercial clients include such multinational corporations as BMW, American Express, Budweiser, Walmart and McDonald’s. In addition to the A-list musicians mentioned at the top of this article, David has cast music videos for Justin Timberlake, Black Eyed Peas, Usher and Katy Perry.

Check out some of his work below.

Here are some videos David has cast…




In addition to his casting expertise, David is just a great guy. He is the founder and chairman of Project LACE (Loving Abandoned Children Everywhere). The nonprofit is dedicated to ending poverty and neglect of kids all across the world. David and his organization have brought over $500,000 in medicine to patients in Haiti, Brazil, Cambodia and the Dominican Republic.

You can find out more about David by going to his website,