How Alexis Texas Grew Her Adult Film Empire

Alexis Texas… An adult movie star with a mission.

Alexis Texas... An adult movie star with a mission.

2006 was a big year for Alexis Texas, one of the world’s most entrepreneurial adult film stars. That year she was discovered during the Shane’s World College Amateur Tour, as part of a search for girls who had never previously filmed sex scenes. It’s no surprise that Alexis’ stunning body and gorgeous face caught the attention of promoters. She is, without a doubt, the total package.

What makes Alexis much more than just another ridiculously perfect face — and body — is her intelligence and ability to transform her brand into a worldwide media empire.

Four years ago, Alexis launched her website, where fans can view racy pictures and videos of the star.

In addition, Alexis has debuted her official club, Team Texass, which can be found at

Starting at just $10/month, you can become a member and enjoy such benefits as exclusive Snapchat pics, access to advance movie screenings and, perhaps most intriguing, text message replies from Alexis as well as other personal engagement.

While on the site, we recommend checking out Alexis’ online store where you can purchase everything from towels to 8x10s to worn underwear. She’s also about to launch her own T-shirt line proving without a doubt that, whether in business or pleasure, Alexis is an unqualified success.