The coolest movie crossover ever?

The coolest movie crossover ever?

The “cinematic universe” is taking over Hollywood. If your new film idea doesn’t involve Papa Smurf starring as the new Annie, then just go away and leave town because nobody wants you here!

Sony Pictures is taking this thought process to a new level with the announcement that the guys from 21 Jump Street will be crossing into the world of Men in Black in their next movie.

At least they’ll be mocking the situation in the process. The first Jump Street made light of reboots, while the second sent up sequels. Taking on the cinematic universe is the next obvious step for the film series. Writer-producer-star Jonah Hill is reportedly very excited about the project.

With the last Jump Street film raking in $331 million worldwide and the last Men in Black earning $624 million, it was a no-brainer to somehow mesh the franchises. No word yet whether Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones or Josh Brolin will be involved.

The other modern trend in features is to use female-centric casts.

With box office smashes like Bridesmaids and The Heat, audiences have proven that they want to see women lead the way, and even better if they can kick some butt.

Hot on the heels of the new Kristen Wiig/Melissa McCarthy-fronted Ghostbusters that shoots this summer, Sony has announced that they are also developing an estrogen-filled spinoff to Jump Street. Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs, writers of Comedy Central’s Broad City, have been hired to pen the flick. Casting has not yet been announced.

Now who wants to help me finance a female-led Passion of the Christ?