This Dad Got A Bit Too Confident On A Segway The Result Is Hilarious

From the embarrassing videos of Usain Bolt and Katy Perry we all must know by now that Segways arent the most graceful form of transport. Although they look smooth and simple, theyre actually rather difficult to control. This elderly man figured that out in the most hilarious way…


Maurice Blezard, from Ramsbottom in Greater Manchester, was on a family break in Brussels to celebrate his wifes 60th birthday. The 64 year old man proved to be up to date with technology when showing the rest of the family his insane skills on the segway.

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After whizzing around in a busy square, the father thought hed step it up a little and entertain his fans. He went full speed ahead to try and perform a trick but instead of wowing the audience with his skills, he wowed them with his hilarious fall. As soon as the wall is in sight, even Maurice knows whats going to happen next.

The hilarious video was recorded by Maurices son, Anthony, who, ever sympathetically, uploaded it to facebook. He states in the caption that his dad had no major injuries so we can all feel a little bit better for laughing at poor Maurice…