This 4 Year Old Mini Beyonce Whips And Nae Naes Better Than You Ever Could In This Video

You’ve Seen Her On Ellen….


Remember that ridiculously cute and even more ridiculously talented little pint-sized version of Bey that was on Ellen not too long ago?

Heaven King is just four-years-old, and she’s already mastered something most grown adults can only dream of doing: dance like Beyonce.

When she and her mother performed on Ellen, Heaven became an overnight sensation. Oh, and she has not stopped. She has only gotten more…. Queen Bey- like.

When Ellen asked Heaven if she thinks she’s going to be a dancer when she grows up, Heaven responded with, “I AM a dancer!”

She’s back with a dance video that will blow your mind… #WatchMeDanceOn


This video was posted by Heaven’s mom, Tianne, who choreographed the routine. The video features Heaven and four friends dancing to Silento’s Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).

They do, indeed, whip and nae nae…. And also remind us that we’ll never be as cool as they are.