Bryan Cranston’s ‘Super Sweet 60th’ Birthday Reunites Breaking Bad Cast

Bryan Cranston may not have won an Oscar for his recent performance in the biographical drama Trumbo, but his latest role could well earn him another nomination.

Cranston, who is also know for his lead role as Heisenberg, hilariously celebrated his 60th birthday on Jimmy Kimmel with a ‘Super Sweet 60’ special.

In the 15 minute episode, Cranston showed that despite being 60 years old he was just a spoilt as the the 16-year-old teenagers from the hit TV show.


From throwing tantrums and cereal at his elderly parents to kicking off over the ‘Thong Song’ singer Sisquo performing at his party, the former Malcolm in the Middle actor was brilliant throughout.

Arguably the best moment came when Cranston, who was wearing a lion costume for his ‘Brion King’ party, spotted fellow Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul at the party wearing an identical outfit.

In true ‘Super Sweet’ style Cranston instructed Paul to go and change or he would ‘get my dad to throw you out.’

Seeing Aaron Paul being chucked out of a Lion King Party by an 80-year-old man with a zimmer frame isn’t something you expect to need in your life, but trust us, it is!

Watch the full clip, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live, below: