Madonna’s Kisses Drake at Coachella and He is SHOCKED

There’s always some surprises at Coachella


From a Tupac hologram to Justin Bieber, Coachella is always full or surprises. This year was no exception, when during Drake’s headling performance on Sunday, Madonna strolled on stage. Turns out, she did a little more than sing backup. Drake introduced her with “Madonna” off of his new album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

Madonna makes an entrance

Madonna makes an entrance

Madonna strolled out in huge boots, gloves and with a shirt that read “Big as Madonna,” a line from Drake’s song about her. She launched into her own hit, “Human Nature,” until she strode up to Drake, bent his head back, and things went “from 0 to 100 real quick:”

Check out the kiss for yourself to see Drake’s horrified reaction!


Drake’s face says it all

Drake's face says it all

We don’t know if Madonna took a chunk out of the OVO crooner’s lips or dropped some gum in there. Either way, Drake seemed into the kiss, but his reaction quickly turned to horror. Madonna released Drake from her clutches, and said “Bitch, I’m Madonna.” Drake, on the other hand, exclaimed “oh sh*t, what the f*ck just happened?!”

Madonna thought it was self-explanatory

The internet had other opinions

Many likened it to a Dementor’s kiss from Harry Potter

Madonna made it clear what she thought of the haters

What did you think of the Drake/Madonna smooch?