A Teacher Showed This REALLY Inappropriate Movie To Students As A Reward

Mr. Principal will see you now.

Mr. Principal will see you now.

Being called into the principal’s office to be scolded really sucks… particularly if you’re the teacher.

However, that’s essentially what happened to one West Virginia high school educator after showing Fifty Shades of Grey to students as a reward for good work.

The teacher reportedly was unaware of the film’s content. (Sure, just like Mary Kay Letourneau was “unaware” what a penis was.)

According to Hampshire High principal Jeff Woofter, the movie was only shown for about 10 minutes until an assistant principal walked by and shut it down.

It’s unclear whether the film was stopped because of the adult themes or just because it was really f**king boring. (OK, it was probably the former.)

The teacher’s identity has not been disclosed and it’s not clear what, if any, discipline will be handed down.