These Valentine’s Day Gift Horrors Will Make You Glad You’re Single

February 14th might have been a depressing day for most of the world’s singletons but after seeing what the following people received from their loved one’s this year you will suddenly feel a whole lot better about your single status.

We are talking car tires, VapoRub and as you can see from the image below – one brave soul even presented their partner with a toilet seat this Valentine’s Day!

If these disastrous gifts are anything to go by, these guys are the world’s most unromantic men.

Take a look at the full line up of horrific V-Day presents that the following unlucky women were presented with this year…;

A toilet seat.


“My ex partner bought me a toilet seat. It had roses on it and he thought I’d appreciate that because I like roses and I needed a new toilet seat. Also. No card. Ever. Because he didn’t ‘believe’ in cards.” – Gonzo Steele, Facebook

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