21 Photos of Erika Schwegler That Prove Shes the Brazilian Barbie.

1. She may be from Brazil, but right now she’s looking all-American. Hello, star-spangled banner.

She may be from Brazil, but right now she

Ever wonder what Barbie would look like reincarnated? Well, you can stop wondering because model Erika Schwegler has that covered. The curvy stunner was born in Brazilian and has been internationally published. Not only is she one of the top fitness models in the world, but Miss Schwegler is incredibly cultured and can speak three languages. Of course, being trilingual comes in handy when you’re jetsetting around the world like Erika.

The blonde bombshell is also known for her unique tattoo conveniently located… under her chin. Although, with sultry lips and a perfect body, we doubt that’s the only thing you’ll notice. While you can join the 500K plus fans on Instagram who follow her, here are our favorite photos to get your feet wet.