The 10 Kinds Of Selfies That Should Be Banned From Instagram Forever

Who knew that the most popular use of the smartphone, a marvel of engineering and technology, would be the selfie? If you foresaw the advent of the selfie, you’re either the head of a billion-dollar photo startup or a terrible liar.

Sadly, with every selfie traveling wirelessly through the air, we identified 10 types of self-shot photos that really do a disservice to mankind. They must be stopped, no matter the cost. Together, we can save the art of photography and live in a more harmonious world.

1. Dressing room.

Dressing room.

2. Duck face.

Duck face.

3. Bathroom selfie.

Bathroom selfie.

4. Starbucks life.

Starbucks life.

5. Filters upon filters.

Filters upon filters.

6. Couples selfie.

Couples selfie.

7. Blurry.


8. Booty call.

Booty call.

9. H’awwwwkward.


10. Gym selfies.

Gym selfies.

(via Guff)

C’mon, people. It’s time to put down the phone and give it up already. Stop taking selfies, please and thank you!