Hilarious Website Will Text Your Mates Justin Bieber Lyrics Anonymously

Since the drop of his latest album-people across the globe are suffering from serious cases of Bieber fever.

If you’re friend is one of these people (even better if they are not) why not treat them to one of the best presents someone could ever get- a text from Bieber himself- sort of.


A website called Bieber Bomb is offering to text your nearest and dearest some lyrical tidbits from some of the hitmakers biggest songs including the more recent “What do you mean” to the more classic of “Baby” and “As Long As You Love Me”.

There is a small fee, but there is literally nothing better to spend your well earned cash on.

For just $1, the Bieber Bomb will send a friend 10 messages over a 12 hour period-completely anonymously- leading to hilarious results.


If you want the conversation forwarded to you after it’s all over you can pay an extra dollar and it is SO worth it.

If annoying just one friend or loved one isn’t enough for you this festive season then the app also offers a ‘Viral Attack’.

An extra $2.50 you can blast three mates at one AND have the conversation sent to you.

The geniuses behind the bomb also created the impressive Adele Attack- but unfortunately both of the services only work with US numbers.