16 Unforgettable ‘Undateables’ We All Know And Love

Now that the show has returned for its fifth series, we are itching to see what entertaining individuals the Undateables have in store for us over the next few weeks.

From down’s syndrome and asperger’s, to autism and tourette’s there are whole host of conditions and disabilities that people are living with.

Not only does this make day-to-day life harder, but it also gets in the way when they are looking for love.

Thankfully over the previous four series, Channel 4 has been helping people who are considered ‘undateable’ find love.

Now the show is back on our screens and we couldn’t be happier.

To entertain ourselves until the next episode, we thought we would take a look back at some familiar faces that particularly stick in our minds from the previous series’.

It is fair to say they are all very entertaining individuals.

Check them out in the gallery below.



We could watch Ray all day long. He may be living with a learning difficulty but this chirpy guy has a heart of gold.

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