You Won’t Believe The New Movie Anne Hathaway Is Starring In… Because It Sounds Totally Fake

It’s like Godzilla meets Lost In Translation


Okay, so make sure you re-read the address in your browser, and note that this is not a post from The Onion.

Apparently someone walked into a room and pitched this movie by saying: “It’s like ‘Godzilla‘ meets ‘Lost In Translation.’ ”

Yep, it sounds absolutely fake, but you have our attention, and now add an arthouse genre director pairing up with an A-list star and we want details now.

THR reports that Anne Hathaway will star in Colossal with Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes, Open Windows, Extraterrestrial) writing and directing.

The story will follow Gloria, who decides to head back home after life in New York City where she has just lost her job and her fiance. Life just isn’t going how she imagined it would! But when she hears the news of a giant lizard laying waste to Tokyo, Gloria realizes she’s connected to it somehow via the power of her mind (Um. Okay.).

Voltage Pictures is financing and the project is headed to Cannes to drum up sales. No word yet on when this will shoot but we’re interested, even if it’s only because this sounds horrible awesome.