Burger King To Open In-House Sauna

If you have ever fantasised over the possibility of eating your Burger King whilst relaxing in a sauna, then your wildest dreams have just come true.

That’s right, the fast-food giant has opened a spa in one of their Finnish chains so customers can sweat out all the calories whilst eating their delicious Whopper.


The spa, which is located within Finland’s capital Helsinki, contains a 15-person sauna, shower room and lockers.

The sauna even comes complete with Burger King robes and towels.

While many people use saunas hoping the roasting temperatures will help them shed weight – guests at this spa are brought trays of burgers, chips and drinks as they work up a sweat.

At least this will help them feel slightly less guilty about their calorific indulgence, right?


Clearly, it is what the public have been waiting for as it has already picked up a prestigious award with judges describing it as ‘a powerful example of localization.’

Finnish designer Teuvo Loman was handed a gong for New Concepts in Food Service by Euromonitor.

CNN reports that the facility is available for exclusive hire for 250 euros (£195) for three hours.

But there is said to be a charge for lost towels of around £25 for lost towels – so, if you were hoping to sneak one of those novelty items home it will come at a price.