Dream Girl: The Difference Between A Pretty Face And A Beautiful Person


When buying partner, appearances are overrated.

Yes, you read that right. The want in our culture to place appears has led to some relationships that were damaging. There aren’t many things more miserable than seeing a couple that is beautiful handle each other like waste.

There aren’t many things more frustrating than listening to someone tell you because shes not physically unattractive if that were a girl is from the league. It’snt, and considering it’s going to lead one to a life of anguish and hazardous relationships.

Dont get me wrong; physical look is not unimportant, but it’s not the most important characteristic to try to find in someone you date. It does nt cut it standing alone, and is really the bare minimum.

The authentic wonderful standard for someone you should date whose existence makes your life better and is someone whose company you love. The man you date should be someone who adds something positive for your life.

Anything else, as some people understand all too well, could be a significant waste of time. There are three important qualities that blow physical attraction from the water though this list isn’t exhaustive.


Few characteristics are more alluring than the usual passion for life. She comes alive in a sense that brings you in, when someone has discovered her fire. It allows you to need to back up her and help her triumph not that she wants your support.

She was enthusiastic about her craft, her work and her life before you arrived. Now you can see that fire in her eyes when she talks about it, youre hooked as she lights up.

The great thing about fire is that it doesnt quit. Enthusiastic individuals are enthusiastic about virtually everything in their lives.

Then when she kisses you, its one hell of a kiss. In bed, you will wow. Her faithfulness is beyond reproach because nobody can tear her away from someone shes enthusiastic about (i.e. you).

Dating a girl that is zealous with energy and the spice needed to live her life the way she needs to live it’s always an experience which you would be a fool. Only ask George Clooney; someone without fire doesnt hold that extreme, crazy, limitless gaze that holds your focus.

She looks more like a deer in headlights, bewildered and dazed, maybe waiting for somebody else to reveal her what she should do as she seems to latch onto someone elses life targets, or simply the gains. She might be ok for a night, but youll wind up becoming drilled because you actually see nothing to her but her physical look and distancing yourself.

You walk away, almost certainly into the arms of the enthusiastic girl you met about how much she adores saving the lives of creatures as a veterinarian.

The one with fire consistently stands out, even if shes not the prettier of both when you put both of these girls side by side. The one youll shortly forget.


This really is never to be mistaken with the Cult the aforementioned love makes no room for that. This kind of kindness is about esteem.

There are lots of people in the relationship world who walk into relationships searching for some form of edge or power. They control, lie and play games to get one to bow for their will.

Being with a type girl doesnt allow you by choice hold someone on the backburner while you pursue an improved choice, to jump on dates or juggle multiple individuals for the benefit of focus and bragging rights.

A type man is fair, upfront and sees no reason to use power plays in a context that is romantic. A type man is always nasty, and thats an essential difference. She’s going to tell you the truth, even if it damages, about what she does or will not enjoy because she understands its better for both of you

She realizes that in a rough world prone to battle and endless fighting, your intimate relationship just isn’t the place for the dog eat dog attitude. The two of you should be able love each other and to meet on common ground, which cant occur without generosity and reciprocal respect.

This can be to not say that you simply wont have disagreements, but when you claim, youll not go to bed mad and hopefully fight until its resolved.

A manipulator is constantly searching for means to keep you and considers that each relationship is a power challenge. A type man considers she’s constantly trying to find methods for the two of one to improve, and when the two of you’re going to participate in a war, then you certainly should be on an identical side.

She’s not here to choose; you should give in return in equal measure, and she’s here to give. Should you not find this characteristic appealing, then maybe its because you don’t comprehend its worth and lack it yourself.

You dont need to be a model to be type, but a physically attractive girl who’s totally rude and unkind to those around her will just bring on your discouragement. She is going to just feed your mistrust and animosity until you get fed up and walk away without looking back, if she’s delusory.

The only guys who’ll date her are the ones who’ve so little assurance that theyre not really unwilling to endure her business for the potential for sleeping with her. Youll never endure the business of a sort girl; youll find yourself yearning it.

Once you meet with a kind girl, the choice to remain will be clear.


You can almost certainly find just several individuals who possess them, although the qualities listed previously are excellent. Most people are effective at locating her or his passion if they determined to make the effort and hardly any individuals are unable of showing kindness.

Singularity is a characteristic that enables her to stick out. She’s got to have some inherent quality that enables you to pick her out. It doesnt matter what the quality that is exceptional is.

Singularity has nothing related to whatever standards you may have about girls generally. There needs to be something about her that draws you in, and it cannot be defined by her physical attractiveness alone.

Physical look most definitely falls short in this section, particularly in large cities like Chicago or New York, where you sit in cafes near you, ride on the bus and jog past next you on the road daily. The more beauty you see, the more you get used to it, and the less you are mesmerized by it.

Nevertheless, joined with singularity that is accurate, a womans beauty really comes alive. She s just another pretty face. Singularity makes a fingerprint in your brain that lift or will never smudge. Its what distinguishes her from the remainder, and youll understand it when you see it.

Physical attractiveness does issue, only not as much as were frequently told it does. Another can always replaces a pretty face without any material.

An enthusiastic, kind, exceptional girl is quite tough to walk away from. She’s really simple to forget if she lacks those qualities. There’s a vintage saying that says a pretty face gets your focus, but it is kept by character.

That is accurate with a little caveat: A pretty face can keep your focus until shes from the sight. Your brain wills captivate until you see her next. Which one will you pick?