6 Ways Every Movie Star Can Learn From Kellan Lutz

Kellan accomplishes more in a few years than many people do in a lifetime.

Kellan works with the St. Bernard Project.

Kellan works with the St. Bernard Project.

A-list movie star… global heartthrob… extreme sports enthusiast… fitness expert… animal lover… world traveler…

All of the above describe the incredible life of Kellan Lutz – a man who doesn’t know the meaning of the term “down time.” If Kellan isn’t off shooting scenes for multibillion-dollar film franchises like Twilight, then he’s off dog sledding in Alaska or diving in the Red Sea.

The dude gets around.

But what many fans and colleagues aren’t aware of is that Kellan devotes a significant portion of his travels to giving back to the community. Not just his own community – but any area that needs help.

One of the charities that Kellan has devoted time to is the St. Bernard Project. Founded in 2006, the SBP has rebuilt homes for nearly 900 families to ensure that disaster-impacted citizens and communities
recover in a prompt, efficient and predictable manner. Kellan personally helped those displaced in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.

Kellan said:

You don’t really grasp what is going on unless you are down there experiencing it. We were working around the clock [fixing and building homes for victims] at 50 hours at a time in different shifts… We got it done just in time. We had so many people come out and lend a helping hand. It was so touching.

Kellan also supports Orchard Africa.

Kellan also supports Orchard Africa.

Kellan recently posted the above photo to his Instagram account to show his support for another charity.

He captioned the pic, “Hey Team! Help me spread awareness and support @OrchardAfrica in working to end poverty and injustice. We’ve teamed up to bring you some cool custom art pieces! 50% of all proceeds will help them sustain villages in rural Africa: www.orchardafricaart.com.”

Kellan teaches kids with illnesses to snowboard.

Kellan teaches kids with illnesses to snowboard.

Kellan has previously teamed up with the Find Your Grind Foundation and Learn to Ride in Utah.

According to Find Your Grind founder Nick Gross, it’s “an organization to foster dream building to provide youth with an opportunity to pursue passions that they might not know they have yet for certain things.”

One of four lucky kids got a private snowboard lesson from Kellan. The star said:

I am a good teacher because I had good teachers growing up, so, I will spend a lot of time with them. For me it is about making them feel safe and to enjoy the experience.

Saving Innocence is another cause that’s very close to Kellan’s heart.

Saving Innocence is another cause that

Saving Innocence is perhaps the most serious of the charities that Kellan supports. Its goal is to end the exploitation of children and restore the cultural values of innocence and human worth.

To learn more, please visit www.savinginnocence.org.

He is a big supporter of animal rights.

He is a big supporter of animal rights.

Kellan is a big time animal lover and supports organizations such as PETA. He urges people to adopt rather than buy their pets. Check out the video he made below.


If Kellan believes in a charity, he will support it and devote as much time to helping out as possible. A day doesn’t go by when he isn’t promoting a cause that is near and dear to his heart. Just yesterday, Kellan tweeted about the thousands of people who have been displaced by flooding in Chile and asked for the public’s support.

Here is a link to his tweet featuring more information on how you can help. While you’re on his Twitter page, we recommended following Kellan so you can keep up with his life as well as his burgeoning career.

Celebrity or not, we can all learn some very valuable lessons from this kindhearted man.