Has ABC gone too much?

Has ABC gone too far?

Many supporters were shocked when Kaitlyn Bristowe beat out Britt Nilsson to become the next Bachelorette. After receiving more votes in the 25 guys who subsequently be competing for her interest Kaitlyn won the honour.

On the other hand, the actual controversy started when ABC aired a preview for the season that some say is four minutes of Kaitlyn being “slut-shamed” after acknowledging that she slept with a contestant. (Wait a minute, do not they all do that?)

Kaitlyn explains:

“I don’t understand; it only occurred… I do not believe I am a bad person, I am not embarrassed of myself, but I do have other relationships, and one of those relationships went too much, too fast… I made a massive error.”

A male contestant named Ian answers to her:

“I don’t question his motives; I challenge your motives. I feel like you are here to make out with a group of guys on TV.”

Enthusiast reactions on social media never have been fairly. Have a look at some of the Twitter answers below and see the preview clip and tell US what you believe!

The Bachelorette Preview