15 Everyday Things That Almost Look Too Naughty To Be Real. OMG

The human brain can fool us into seeing lots of things which can ben’t actually there. The human brain also can fool us into seeing lots of filthy things which aren’t actually there. It may seem you are above that sort of comedy, but wait ’til you see these pictures …

Subsequently, you’ll understand!

1. Is a wheel or can it be simply happy to see me?

Is that a wheel or is it just happy to see me?

2. Don’t lie. You looked twice.


3. A copy editor is crying someplace.

A copy editor is screaming somewhere.

4. “Phrasing”


5. Subtlety isn’t this novel’s strong suit.

Subtlety is not this book

6. There is a creed


7. Only imagine the factory worker making this attempting to not laugh daily.

Just picture the factory worker making this trying NOT to laugh every day.

8. Truth in marketing.

Truth in advertising.

9. You know where to click.

At least you know where to click.

10. The celebration never finishes.

The party never ends.

11. Keeping the magic alive after.

Keeping the magic alive 100 years later.

12. How did this get printed?

How did this get printed?

13. Well that is amazing.

Well that

14. Meh. He put a ring

Meh. At least he put a ring on it.

15. You’ve got a filthy, filthy thoughts.

You have a dirty, dirty mind.

(via Guff)

Now, we are all formally perverts.