Here’s All The Proof That Apolo Ohno’s Living An Amazing & Honorable Life Like Every Man Should

Apolo Ohno’s birthday was yesterday — but the fact he is an amazing guy with a heart of gold continues to be around for YEARS.

This skater boy (ok, he is an ice skater not an ollie-flipping boarder), only turned 33 years old.

Just in case you did not understand, Apolo Ohno essentially wins at life. So, you say? Well, winning actually can not quit.

In 1997, he was precocious enough to win the U.S. short-track speed skating tournament. Subsequently, over the course of three Winter Olympics, he won a record eight medals for an U.S. Winter Olympian.

And then, he took TV by storm by joining this small unheard of show called Dancing with the Stars for the shows fourth season. And. He. Won. The entire thing. He won the entire freakin’ thing, like the master he is.

Ohno? Like oh yes more.

But let us get back to company: Apolo is another year old, and so I’ve compiled all the reasons why he is winning life — and why you should try and be even slightly more like him:

Trendsetter, Jet setter… all this picture needs is an Irish setter, which’s literally all the setters on the planet right before you.

Birthday weekend begins! #travel #SF #LA #Vegas #MemorialDayWeekend #MDW #33 #FeelingYoung

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Nothing like a private jet to begin your birthday off appropriate, right?

Apolo is the greatest son

Joyful Mother’s Day for this man 🙂 He constantly was mother and father to me while growing up. Put up with my wild antics as even now, and a child – still loves and supports me. I have been so blessed in this life for a Father whom I can recall bringing home “Happy Mother’s Day” cards to because the other children in school asked me where my mother was. I consistently said, it is only Meeee and my Father! So like when I was 6 years old, Happy Mothers Day Father! Haha #MothersDay #HappyMothersDay2AllTheAmazingMoms #Dad #SingleParentHousehold #Blessed #May #Ohno #Yuki

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His dad raised Apolo. His parents divorced when he was a baby, so he grew up with only his father in Seattle. He was born in 1982 and it was not long before he began his Olympic training — in only 1996.

His father is a hairstylist who worked to support them. Unbelievable!

Apolo can also be an unbelievable motivational speaker.

#Repost @wagoodwill with @repostapp.?????We Are honored now to have Olympic speed skater winner Apolo Ohno talking to our youth pupils. #GoodwillRTW #goodwill

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An excellent guy in soul and heart. I go more in depth about his non-profit work just a little after — trust me, it deserves its section!

Leave Apolo with it to cheer up up with this quotation that is wonderful.

Monday let us get it!!!

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Perfect. I can do anything — and if you observed it, so can you!

Here’s Apolo actually raising the roof. Who doesn’t desire to bash with Apolo? I ask, who, who?!

Me outtaaaaaa here!!!

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His sense of humor is ON PURPOSE.

Mr. Ohno will see you now.

Centered. #LA #Skyline #ReachingHigher #Work #biz #Fun #Movement #RedefinePossible #Cali #Downtown #2015

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I trust you did not mind the delay, he is the busiest guy on the planet.

Seriously, he does Ironman Championships.

As a sports star, he is essentially a star at any sports event.

Adore all day!!! @ seahawks
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This makes perfect sense, seeing as he is all and from Seattle!

And do not forget about his charity work that is unbelievable.

And don

Apolo is a hero on and off the ice.

The best part is that he does not need your money going to somewhere you can not see it make a difference. He is a spokesman, a nonprofit organization. It enables you to give to someone in need. It even sends messages “to demonstrate just how their gift is making a difference.”

Here’s what he said about it: was initially brought to me by a close friend who continues to be involved with philanthropic work for several years, and he said, “Apolo, I understand you’re involved with lots of different charitable organizations, but this is one which can help change billions of lives all over the world.”

I was constantly enthusiastic about changing the lives and this really is a thing that is the future of philanthropic giving, and so I was really excited. At the conclusion of the day it does not matter how much cash you’re going to make or how much cash you have made, but you can give back. Using my success for a gain that is positive, to help others, is something which truly interested me.

Essentially, 100 percent of a contribution would go to the present the individual chooses. Does not that seem like the correct way to do great, or what?

That is not all.

Here is a listing of other charities he is involved with:

  • Ronald McDonald House – 2002
  • Gap/Job CRIMSON in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa – 2006
  • Raised $20,000 for Japanese seniors who live in the Pacific Northwest that are without the insurance they need to endure/have a suitable quality of life
  • Math Moves U Hippest Assignments Occurring w/ Senator Ted Kennedy – 2006
  • Salvation Army
  • Clothes Off Our Backs Effort
  • Miracles For Kids

With good will and that positive karma, it is no wonder Apolo can live like every day is his birthday!

Do not forget to locate him on social media — where he is super busy and open about his life: