Don Benjamin is Taking Over Fashion and Hip Hop

Combining trend and music in his own unique manner

Mixing fashion and music in his own unique way

Don Benjamin continues to be making waves for years as a model with efforts for Speculation, Tilly’s, and Dispositions of Norway. At exactly the same time, he is been dropping tracks which were featured on MTV, Big Brother, and that have rocketed up the iTunes General Top Tunes graph. His drive and ability make him a force to be reckoned with, whether he is in front of the camera at music video shoot or a picture.

Only a man from Chitown

Just a guy from Chi-town

Don was born in Chicago but raised in Minnesota, where he found rap and hip hop. Citing influences from Jay Z, to LL Cool J to Jagged Edge (Hey, where the party at?!), it is no surprise Don developed into an artist with lyrics more worried about love and relationships than drugs and gang-slamming.

Check out Don dropping bars with the R&B stream in “Covetous” featuring Eric Bellinger!

Video player-present

Homage to LL

Tribute to LL

Another sample of an approaching EP lost with Doin’ It Well, the classic LL Cool J track is taken on by a fanciful.

The future is his

The future is his

While taking care of various photoshoots, and on his upcoming EP, Don had time to release this Golden Double Apple Hookah E-liquid. With the flavors of “apple and sweet aniz,” this seems like a delightful hookah encounter.

Like he tells us to do in this video, Don Benjamin embodies a balanced method of achieving multiple goals in life. Whatever he does next, we’ll be seeing!

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