Miss Piggy To Receive Award Celebrating Extraordinary Women!

It is about time.

Before Madonna, before Beyonce, there was Miss Piggy.

Despite the fact that she is essentially a worldwide star, the world’s favourite scene stealer constantly understood to ham it up has never won an award. Ever.

Well, because she is formally putting the win in swine that is about to change.

The Sackler Center First Prizes held at the Brooklyn Museum will be honoring Miss Piggy for being an outstanding girl who has made incredible contributions to her field of amusement. Not the subject of in.

Here’s what Elizabeth Sackler had to say relating to this superlative sow:

Miss Piggy deservedly joins this august pantheon of outstanding women that have formerly received the award. When needed, which has taught important lessons about overcoming challenges to countless young people, parents, grandparentsand practically everyone who has viewed this indomitable character on television or in movies, Miss Piggy embodies special nature, dedication, and fortitude.

When it comes to pig of honour herself, Miss Piggy had this to say about her unsurprising accolade:

Moi is thrilledbut honestly, not surprised to be receiving this Sackler Center First Prize. Share this honour with fellow stars, role models, and leaders of female fabulosity and it’s really amazing to be celebrated. We rock

Preach, Miss P. Preach.

On and off-again boyfriend Kermit will be in attendance at the awards show as well, and Miss Piggy will have a sitdown with Gloria Steinem following a 20 minute retrospective video of her profession — as if you could condense Miss Piggy’s finest seconds to just 20 minutes!