Conan Shows Letterman Love, Tells His Viewers: Turn On Dave

David Letterman leaving TV is a bigger deal than most folks understand.

He means so much to so many, but it is been truly unbelievable to see how much talk show hosts and other comedians honor him.

Are you aware that Jimmy Kimmel did not even air a new episode during the same time slot as Letterman’s last show? He picked to just show a rerun instead.

Well, Conan still had his show continue on as normal… except the night was quite Letterman themed.

Coco, as well as his guest Patton Oswalt, pretty much only swapped stories about Dave and how much he affected them and their careers.

Conan sprang into activity when the time arrived to walk out onto his set, one last time. He was intently observing the time and when the clock struck 11:35pm, he did something unbelievable…

He sent all his staying viewers away (which he estimated to be about 7 individuals because of the buzz around Dave’s last show) and requested them to tune to Letterman’s goodbye episode. Which is pure group.

Check out Conan telling everyone to “Turn on Dave:”

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Oh, and in the event you feel like weeping, you really ought to check out Conan’s heartfelt good-bye to Dave.

Letterman actually had such an enormous influence on all these men and it is just so awesome to see them take time from their shows to only pay esteem to him.

Take a look at the video to learn how Letterman really may have saved Conan’s career:

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