No One Will Ever Able To Live Down These 16 Sexting Fails, They’re Too Ridiculous

Whoever devised text messaging definitely did not see sexting coming. If they understood that sexting fails like these would function as the outcome in their life’s work…well, perhaps we had all still must stick to phone sex.

Let these be a warning to you texters, should you decide to send a text message that is racy. Be sure to understand who you are speaking to, if you are going to sext.

1. “What…”


2. Laziness to a fault.

Laziness to a fault.

3. The greatest “wrong number” text ever?

The best

4. Or not literal enough?

Or not literal enough?

5. I’m starving all of a sudden.


6. Their love is not the only fiction.

Their love isn

7. Literalness FTW.

Literal-ness FTW.

8. “Only I would like to win already!”


Occasionally, to spice it up, they add a small ‘Left,’ ‘Right,’ ‘B,’ ‘A,’ and ‘Start.’

9. Fail.


10. Efficacy is a turn on.

Efficiency is a turn on.

11. Seems like true love.

Sounds like true love.

12. Oh hello.

Oh hello.

13. Nic Cage is the response to everything.

Nic Cage is the answer to everything.

14. I believe I might cry.

I think I might cry.

15. So this can be Radio Shack is going out of business.

So this is why Radio Shack is going out of business.

16. Oops.


(via Guff)

Make sure you do not mess up that text. Your fail could become our small joke!