Nicki Minaj – the Most Influential Female Rapper of All Time

From signing with Young Money in 2009, to being declared the “most powerful female rapper” in 3 years.

From signing with Young Money in 2009, to being declared the

Perhaps you have gotten down to Super Bass or Anaconda, but did you understand only how much of an influence Nicki has had on the rap game? Nominated for innumerable other awards and 6 grammies, Nicki is the first female solo artists. Despite all those accomplishments, music is only the start for Nicki.

Early days of an icon

Early days of an icon

Onika Tanya Maraj was born in Trinidad and Tobago, but grew up in Jamaica, Queens (a breeding she shares with other rappers, including 50 Cent). She completed a performing arts high school, and attended public elementary and middle schools. She could not resist the pull rap, although she desired to act. She worked “at least fifteen occupations” that she said she was fired from many for being overly sassy.

Rise to Barbie Queen

Rise to Barbie Queen

She spent years honing her rapping until Lil Wayne noticed Nicki on Queens-based label Dirty Money. At the time, Nicki said she was focused more on her picture, and the people “understood me more for graphics than [her] music.” With Lil Wayne helping in the creation of the record and mentoring her, Nicki could refocus on music. After the mixtape spawned Billboard-charting hits, Nicki was signed to Young Money, and the sky was the limitation.

All of us live in Nicki’s shadow

We all live in Nicki

Nicki signed and by 2010 that was early the preceding video of a pink Lamborghini being pursued by a helicopter made its advent. As of now, it’s over 60 million viewpoints. This was off her platinum debut Pink Friday. It debuted at number two on the Billboard charts, and spawned singles like Super Bass that went EIGHT times platinum. Within months, Nicki was starting for Britney and performing on SNL (including in a sketch as the bride of “Blackenstein”).

The queen reigns

The queen reigns

Nicki continued to dominate pop culture with her second and third records, Roman Reloaded and the Pinkprint. Between those two chart toppers, Nicki parleyed her success into adding her voice to an Ice Age film, being a judge on American Idol, and appearing in a film with Cameron Diaz. Meanwhile, she had to fight the shade coming from both other female rappers and guys saying her music was not “actual hip hop.” Nicki has proved them wrong again and again, ruining records on the Billboard graphs and on Youtube/Vevo views.

Over music

More than music

When Nicki was requested by i-d Vice if she rapped for women, she replied: “I signify girls of colours and contours. I am someone just about everyone. I do not exclude anybody. I believe that is what I bring to pop culture. That is the way I talk.” Nicki mentions she believes she’s “bigger balls compared to the lads” and she definitely shows us that time and time again. In a industry Nicki is heading the charge for female rappers. She is also had a Barbie created scents, and gave back after Hurricane Sandy to her hometown of Queens.

Just 5 years Nicki is now a household name. Whatever she does next, we’ll be seeing!