L.A. Gallery POPzilla Is Doing A Huge

Professionally created artwork inspired by scenes from Back to the Future and other time travel films? It is occurring May 9th at “TIME after TIME!”

Professionally created art inspired by scenes from <em>Back to the Future</em> and other time travel movies? It

POPzilla Gallery understands that 2015 is a big deal. Arguably the most remarkable thing relating to this year is it is the year Doc and Marty went Back to the Future. Furthermore somehow pushing up the future release of the powerlacing Nike’s in the film, POPzilla is offering the next best thing: a party of artwork related to both Back to the Future and time travel films in general, complete with a replica Delorean from the film in attendance

The preceding illustration of the iconic Lorraine/Marty auto scene comes from famous artist Jeff Delgado, whose 80’s/90’s pop culture works fit in perfectly with the occasion.

Various time travel divine art will be on display

A variety of time-travel inspired artwork will be on display

This piece, entitled Quantum Entanglement reveals various the time travel inspired works that artists will draw from. We are discussing Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Dr. Who, Terminator, Hot Tub Time Machine only to name a few. Video games, comic books and TV shows will also be fair game to function as starting points for the about 50 (!) Distinct sector artists that will be giving work because of this occasion.

This Saturday, May 9th, one gallery will become classic

This Saturday, May 9th, one gallery is going to become timeless

The opening night reception for “TIME after TIME” is this Saturday May 9th 6pm – 10pm at the Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim, California. As a treat for the folks at opening a replica is being brought Delorean TO THE SITE by POPzilla! Will you really have the ability to go through time? There is just one way to discover

Rothick also hosted POPzilla’s quite successful Tim Burton show in November 2014. The opening reception will be FREE to people, and prints and the originals will be on sale. POPzilla notes they price their artwork to sell, “because we do not believe you should have to make six bodies to be able to appreciate wonderful artwork.” Boom, it is like that with POPzilla. Most of the artists may also not be unavailable to sign artwork that is bought.

POPzilla’s show may also be part of ACE the Art Creep Encounter in Orange County. Check the region around Rothick out, and you’ll discover lots of other tasks that are amazing, food trucks, and fire dancers.

If for some reason you can not make it to this group of awesome tasks, POPzilla is offering first dibs at a “Collector’s On-Line Preview,” Friday the 8th at 8 PM for one hour only at SamCarterArt.com. You must appear to snag it all. On the 10th at midday, the staying artwork will be set online, but all the great things only might get snagged up…

Artwork that is awesome! From 50 arists! A Delorean! Food trucks and fire dancers in the area! If you are everywhere in So. Cal., get to “TIME after TIME” this Saturday!