Female Thor Secret Identity Finally Revealed!

Time Magazine tells us that Marvel is eventually prepared to disclose the identity of the Asgardian Goddess of Thunder.

From readers, Marvel has kept the secret identity of the new, female Thor a secret for seven problems. Hell, not even the first God of Thunder, Odinson, had any notion of the individual deemed worthy enough to produce the powerful hammer.

But now we understand. And you can, also.

Just remember, you clicked onto a post that is basically a spoiler before we disclose who it’s: thus going any farther in this post is a binding contract and absolves us of any guilt that is nerd.

All right, disclaimer over.

The new Thor is…..




Dr. Jane Foster.

That is correct. Thor’s exgirlfriend who specialized in astrophysics. Lately, Dr. Jane Foster had been diagnosed with brest cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

But as the writer for the most recent issue, Jason Aaron, points out, the very action of picking up the Hammer and becoming Thor is really killing her.

In one daring assertion, the Goddess of Thunder yells out:

“I ‘m Dr. Jane Foster. And I WOn’t cease being the mighty Thor. Despite the fact that it’s killing me.”

Bloody, and you believed the old Thor was not weak.

The news may not come as an entire shock to regular readers of the show (Dr. Foster once established she was powerful enough to produce the hammer after before in the comic books), but it does open up a host of intriguing plot points going forward for the long running comic book series (which has become a Top 10 property since changing to a female Thor):

When Odinson finds out what occurs?

When astrophysics buddies find out what occurs?

And, above all, does this mean we really get to see Natalie Portman produce Mjolnir in another Marvel comics motion picture?!!

That’ll get it done super heroes, for this episode.

Fellow comic book nerds.