Artist Create Stunning Glass Sculptures Using Fibonacci Ratios


An artist from La, Jack Storms, creates positively beautiful glass sculptures. More on that in a moment.

Jack was a scholar growing up in New Hampshire and a pupil, until a while afterwards but he wouldnt discovery his passion for artwork. Jack set to work making these beautiful glass sculptures and graduated from Plymouth State University with a BA in Art. In the youtube description:

The extreme cold-glass procedure that may take up to 24 weeks for each modern glass sculpture to come to life starts at the heart of the layout, by creating a center of lead crystal that is cut, laminated and polished creating reflective mirrors. When rolled in optical glass, the refraction of light as it passes through the glass creates rainbows of colour that is hypnotic. The drawn out procedure of persistent cutting, grinding and polishing needs firm self discipline, extreme fire, and more blood sweat and tears than any artisan could wrap their head about. The results, are mind boggling works of glass art that is modern.

Quite awesome, huh? For more on his sculptures, take a look at the video under: