Kid Ink’s Career Is Going

LA’s Own…

If you pay focus on the west coast hip-hop arena, then you have been a supporter of Kid Ink‘s for a long time, since the days he went by “Rockstar.” Then you are probably wondering when he is going to drop his next studio album, if you simply listen to the top charts.

Kid Ink, who is just 29, has been a producer since the time he was a teen and attending an after school music software learning the best way to make beats. He determined to be a full time rapper when he was 22.

Seven short years after, he is a massively popular rapper who’s being credited with helping change hiphop by mashing it. His tune “Show Me,” released by the end of 2013, which used Robin S.‘s Show Me Love, helped begin the trend. Gift understands ability, and artists like Nicki Minaj hopped on when she recorded, Truffle Butter, which tries Maya Jane Cole’s What They Say.

Rockstar to Kid Ink…

Soon after he released his first mixtape, World Tour, while still using the name Rockstar, he began to get discovered. DJ Ill Will signed him to Tha Alumni Group, and he switched his name to Kid Ink. In 2011, artists like Roscoe Dash, Ty Dolla Sign, and Meek Factory appeared on his next mixtape, Crash Landing.

Kid Ink never slowed down. Exactly the same year, he put out Daydreamer, featuring men like Cory Gunz, Maejor Ali, Ray J, Sean Kingston, and Bow Wow. Already, the rapping career of Kid Ink was remarkable. His mixtapes were not counterfeit, and he’d the audio for radio. He was not only another battle rapper attempting to shove on his tapes, he was gifted. And folks took notice.

By September, that Kid Ink cred and had a name. He put out another mixtape, Wheels Up, with 2 Chainz, Nipsey Hussle, and Tyga.

Upward & Away Achievement…

On June 12, 2012, Kid Ink released his first independent record, Up & Away. Created by Ned Cameron and Jahlil Beats, the record peaked at number 20 on the US Billboard 200 in its first week.

Signing into a Major Label…

On January 4, 2013, Kid Ink declared he signed with RCA Records, and released his first major label single, Bad Ass featuring Wale and Meek Mill.

On the huge move from independent to RCA, he told Complex:

I got independent radio spins before and it was great, but it was simply a lot more work. There is lots of things you can not do as an independent artist, you reach on this ceiling. I could definitely sense the difference with the marketplaces and the label I am reaching. They understand applications and different software things you can not actually keep [upward with] when you are attempting to focus on music.

His second studio album, My Own Lane, debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, and was iTunes number one complete record at it is launch.

Full Speed

With the release of Kid Ink’s third studio album, Full Speed, it is safe to say he’s here to stay. While he is now on tour (and slaying it,) his tune, Ride Out, was featured in Furious 7. His single, Body Language, as well as Usher and Tinashe, is on the radio 24/7. Kid Ink continues to put out hit singles at a breakneck speed, and every one is a banger.

Child is not stoppable. LA’s greatest.