In New Trailer, Vin Diesel Is Furious… About Witches?

Vin Diesel does not have buddies, he is got family. And that witches are hated by family !

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Everyone’s favourite action hero, Vin Diesel, is coming back into theatres. Is he in an automobile? Is he expressing a delightful tree creature? Nope, he is hunting witches, in new picture The Last Witch Hunter.

The movie occurs in a world where witches living among us, and are intent on killing mankind with the annoyance. Vin plays Kaulder, an immortal warrior that’s had it with all the m-fing witches with this m-fing planet.

Seems wacky? The movie was composed by the multiple Oscar winner Dallas Buyers Club screenwriter Melisa Wallack. That is a fact that is true there. Thus have some respect

But let us be frank, you are here for shots in the preview, and things go 0 to 100 real fast

Michael Caine plays a priest that tells Vin “I Have been reading the history of your life – and I Have written my fair share of it. But your story has no end.” Badass!

Michael Caine plays a priest that tells Vin "I

Unrelated to the picture Michael Caine once released a techno CD called “Cained.” Only some information for the next bash.

Unrelated to this movie Michael Caine once released <a href=

Vin will not be alone, he is joined by a reluctant witch played by Rose Leslie (best known as Ygritte from Game of Thrones).

Vin won

Here’s a moment where Jon Snow was likely brought up by Vin Diesel. Poor call Vin.


There is is not much time as the witches fast begin to leave subtle hints all that Vin uses to track down them.


In addition they release hundreds of…butterflies? That is an uncomfortable number of butterflies your day to make certain there, it’d inconvenience.

They also release hundreds of...butterflies? That

But Ygritte is the only Game of Thrones link in this movie. Only look at this majestic tree, that symbolizes something.

But Ygritte is the only <em>Game of Thrones</em> connection in this film. Just look at this majestic tree, that symbolizes something.

A tree in the snow far away silhouetted against sunlight? Okay, perhaps there is a few GoT connections.

A tree in the snow far away silhouetted against the sun? Ok, maybe there

There is also a tree creature they fight or that can help them fight. It says more words


Oh snap, Vin’s got a flaming sword! Now that’s something you do not see every day, particularly not in Game of Thrones!

Oh snap, Vin

ONE time, okay good!

Ok fine, ONE time!

The top remarks on MTV’s Facebook, where the preview premiered, unquestionably have the correct thought

The top comments on MTV

Having said that, all the components in this film (and the Oscar-winner written script!) Undoubtedly have us excited. Take a look at the complete preview for The Last Witch Hunter below!

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