How Rapper Tyga Rose To Fame

Michael Ray Nguyen- Stevenson is an American rapper and dad to son, King Cairo.





The Road To Success Can Be Paved With This Much Uncertainty

Not quite long ago, Tyga simply another kid struggled to break that his surrounding surroundings had around him. With just an amateur mixtape to showcase his ability, he did his best to establish local buzz that is strong by marketing himself online and performing live shows.

However, he wondered if that “big break” would ever come. It definitely isn’t difficult to be young with large aspirations in a city that loves to find folks neglect.

Ideal Place At The Right Time, And An Entire Lotta Courage

In the aisle of Flight Club LA, a popular shoe store, Tyga and Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) had a discussion about the best Jordans ever… and then on to the best rappers.

“We began talking about music and I got enough nerve to give him my small mixtape” Tyga says. “He was telling me all this things he was doing with his group and I believed he was simply lying to look trendy. Then one day I saw him on MTV, then I began hitting him up on PURPOSE non stop!”

Hey, if you have got the connections, they are used by you, right?

“Next thing you know I am on tour with him going all around the globe. It was mad.”

Tyga went to tell us, “I can see myself at his age whenever I watch him perform. It is an innocence and a feeling of urgency lots of musicians now lack and it is a honour for me to welcome him to the inner circle”.

Tyga shortly became an unofficial part of the Physical Education Class Hero’s crew, and it was not long before folks started to question who this child was.

And Then Weezy Took Notice

After performing the “Arms Race” remix with Fall Out Boy alongside Travis and Lil Wayne at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, there was formally a buzz about Tyga.

Tyga totally impressed Weezy, and the two became fast friends.

Shortly, Tyga would find himself in the studio with the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive,” leading to one the most anticipated album in years – Lil Wayne’s The Carter 3.


Tyga’s next step was to release his debut record NO INTRODUCTION.

The lead single “Coconut Juice” was made by SAM & Sluggo (Gym Class Heroes, Method Man).

And He Is Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Since then he released his major label debut Careless World: Rise of the Last King and has signed to Young Cash.

The record contained his hit singles “Faded”, “Far Away” and “Make It Nasty”.

Tyga released his third studio albumen, Hotel California, on April 9, 2013.