These 11 Rudy Mancuso Vines Are Flawlessly Hilarious

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Like to laugh?

Rudy Mancuso is an internet star and one seriously funny guy. He is a Vine star, with over 8.1 million followers. That is a hell of a lot of supporters.

Rudy initially was all about music (and still is) and eventually learned he had a love of video production, frequently attempting to cross the two.

Now? He is among the largest Vine stars, making humorous videos with his buddies and fellow Viners, like King Bach.

How did Rudy end up with numerous followers? Because he is hilarious. Take a look at some of his Vines below and see for yourself:

As a musician, Rudy understands the power of music.

As someone who sometimes eats a granola bar, he understands the challenge.

He also sometimes eats dog food.

We have all had this cab encounter at some point.

His colors might be a bit too dark…

Classic fact-finding technique.

His selfie game is not weak.

Rudy understands what the women need.

He is not inefficient as f**k.

He is also a Hispanic Superman!

Rudy is really a master of disguise.