Kristen Bell Accidentally Took An Uber Carpool And Live Tweeted The Experience

In uproarious news, Kristen Bell by chance took an Uberpool on Thursday, all because she believed “pool” was a cunning summer reference, and not, actually, short for carpool. As Kristen Bell would do, the performer took to Twitter to livetweet her time

The experience starts when her driver pulls over and clarifies, “Gotta pick someone else up.” Bell writes, “This should be fun,” and two guys enter the carpool. Initially, the guys are quiet, likely because they are attempting to determine why Bell would be taking a carpool, and perhaps they are in a Funny or Die sketch. Eventually, one starts singing “Living on a Prayer,” as one does when face to face with a star.

Read the tweets under! What would you need to do if you had been famous? What classic Bon Jovi song would you sing?