Quezon City| A baby born with unusual blots-like sores resembling the harms suffered by the Christ during his crucifixion, is bringing lots of focus from Christians across the Philippines. Thousands of faithful have assembled around the Quezon City General Hospital, expecting to see the kid that was fortunate.

Jejomar Castillo was born on the morning of March 15, weighting 3.2 kilograms and bearing unexpected injuries on his face, hands and feet. These sores that are astonishing are virtually indistinguishable to the well-known wounds suffered by Jesus, like the head wounds related to the wounds due to the crucifixion itself and the Crown of thorns.

According to among the countrys top microbiological specialists, Ph.D. Merlyn Cruz, the young lad endures a quite uncommon syndrome causing localised purpura, which is defined by reddish or purple discolorations on the skin.

I’ve to confess this is a fantastic instance says Doctor Cruz. Just a few of similar instances are recorded throughout history, and its the very first time on an infant, so the scientific knowledge gathered about his pathology is quite rare. We’re doing some evaluations to discover what’s causing them to seem and what these sores really are, but we’ve discovered nothing yet.


The newborn boy produces wounds on feet, hands and his brow. These sores bleed frequently and appear not able to fix totally.

Gossips of a kid that was heaven-sent quickly propagate across town, then across the hospital, and a big bunch quickly assembled outside even and the lads room around the hospital. Within a matter of hours, thousands of people surrounded the building in quiet prayer.

The bunch has been there for two days, praying and chanting religious slogans like Welcome to the Saviour and Thank you God for sending Jejomar. Many of the folks on the website appear to link the arrival of the enigmatic kid with the biblical Return of Jesus Christ.


Were assembled outside the Quezon City General Hospital, expecting to see the fortunate boy ! that was.

The most well-known instance of blots in modern history, is surely that of Pio of Pietrelcina, often called Padre Pio, who was mystic and a friar, priest of the Roman Catholic Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. He became well-known for bearing the blots and is venerated in the Catholic Church as a saint.

Tons of other instances of blots are reported over the centuries, but a newborn kid concerning. This exceptional state has brought lots of interest on his family and Jejomar, and it appears the zealous Christians that have assembled around the hospital happen to be calling him a saint. The youthful Jejomar Castillo, so, actually looks condemned to employ a different life than most Filipino kid.