15 Hilarious Videobomb News Bloopers

Everyone loves an well-timed videobomb even if it is just a drunken man shouting obscenities or flashing his private parts but if youre an unwitting news reporter, youd probably fail to see the funny side.

From accidental mishaps, to outright blatant sabotage, theres something incredibly satisfying about seeing a po-faced news caster made to look completely ridiculous on live television.

The window of opportunity may only be small, but for some opportunists, the chance to steal the lime light, if only for a few seconds, is just far too tempting.

Here are some of the most weird and wonderful videobomb news bloopers ever recorded live on air.

1. Young and Strange magicians videobomb Sky News anchor with amazing magic trick

Not content with just nudity and drunken antics, magicians Young and Strange have taken videobombing to the next level.

While it had none of the chaotic charm of a typical TV hijacking, the pair performed a polished rendition of the shrinking man illusion in front of Westminster.


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