15 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Being A Teacher

We’ve all had our run ins with Miss Honey fashion teachers and Miss Trunchbull – the faces change but the platitude stand!

Whilst most folks could not get spending eight hours a day with disruptive kids there are some courageous folks on this particular planet who require all of it and the occupation ’s advantages and disadvantages within their step – your own teachers.

We never actually comprehend what it’s like on another side of the teacher’s desk – what’s going on inside their heads when they’re being examined by a difficult kid, or how it feels when a pupil aces an examination due to their teaching fashion.

Well, now we can have a hilarious insight through these Tumblr posts that are unbelievable. Prepare to learn your teachers behaved the way they did in the howl-worthy gallery under…;

1. Java Is Definitely A Teacher’s Vital Drink Each Day

teacher 1

Can you blame them? Having to maintain numerous hyper kids daily must take its toll on you.

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