12 Disgusting Things Hotel Guests Left Behind

Behind the scenes of the world’s most swanky resorts are some severely dirty keys – keys which might be about to be disclosed.

Resort staff have spilled the beans on their guests that were grotesque and discussed the worst things cleansing agents have found after checkout.

From a bed of coleslaw (yes, actually) to various naughty toys – this list of things guests have left behind will leave you in shock…;

A trail of poop


Once I was a housekeeping manager, I got a call that sent me to the fourth floor,where I found a trail of poop leading in the lifts to the end of the corridor. While a team of individuals were cleaning up the trail, an aged woman walked from the room where the poo trail finished, like everything was completely ordinary. The housekeeper called me crying because that woman’s tub was filled to the brim with poop a day later.


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