Wacky Priest Suspended For Delivering Sermon On Hoverboard

For giving a Christmas sermon on a hoverboard a wacky priest was suspended by his church.


Commend the hover-overlord: Progressive priest gives sermon on futuristic apparatus

You’d be forgiven for believing a Holy Ghost has owned this priest, but in real fact he’s giving a sermon

The wacky priest sang a Christmas song before giving his address in the Philippines and greeted the congregation.

Yet, despite rapturous applause in the congregation, the allegedly progressive Catholic Church didn’t enjoy his antics.

Following the Christmas Eve sermon at the Our Lady Of Miraculous Medal Parish, the priest was suspended from his place.

His antics were a breach of the ‘best kind of worship’, in accordance with The Diocese of San Pablo.

They wrote: “The Eucharist demands greatest regard and reverence.

“It’s the Church’s best kind of worship, not a private party where you can introduce something to get focus.’

The diocese included the priest said that it was a ‘wake up call’ for him. He guaranteed that it is going to not occur again and admitted that his activity wasn’t right.

“ He will spend a while to reflect with this past event and will be from the parish. He’d like to apologise for what occurred.”