Meet Agnes Who Just Turned 102, But Still Loves Her Job As A Teacher


Every Wednesday around 11 in the morning, several five-year olds scrub their hands, put on their aprons and assemble around a kidney shaped table inside the kitchen classroom at The Sundance School

At the centre of the hustle is Agnes Zhelesnik, their teacher, whom the kids call Granny. At 102 years old, she’s one who did not enter the area until age 80 and arguably the earliest employed teacher in America. The spent several days in December visiting with granny:

I simply adore it here, she says as she gives them a mild pat to suggest that its time to return with their seat and ties the last childs apron. Granny, who teaches cooking and sewing courses with a co-teacher, has been at the school since 8 a.m. preparing the fixings for todays lesson. She got a ride to school -year old daughter Agnes, and additionally a teacher at Sundance.

Granny is emphatic in recommending for its utility while home ec was left by most schools around the state some time past.

That is something which theyre going to use for the remainder of these lives; theyre not going to have it only for today, she says. Youll be surprised how they have been going when they get old, as well as as a mom to recall it.

The scent of fresh-baked cookies wafts through the walls, while the sound of violins can be heard only several classrooms away. Music courses and weekly cooking are just a couple of the many exceptional offerings only at that arts-infused, pre-K-5 private elementary school youthful kindergarteners transfer about the building shifting groups.

We’re actually swimming upstream, says the schools principal, W.J. OReilly, who stops by the kitchen to say hello to the kids and pick up his own brown paper bag full of treats. Does he turn to go afterward Granny is instantly back at the table helping 6-year old Max measure a teaspoon of vanilla extract to add to the dough mixture. OReilly lingers for another minute in the doorway to marvel with the kids at Granny.

You can find messages in schooling, he says, so when I see her at almost 102 with 3-year- olds and socializing this way, I ca nt start to comprehend the profundity of that type of interaction.

All at once, Grannys name is called out by the kids for help as they fight to roll their dough. She goes with the nip of a girl half her age as she helps them steer their hands

Some say the only means the generations get the opportunity to spend time together is through poverty, OReilly says. Here we have the extravagance of her existence in the least times.

With no plans of retiring Granny is an ever present power at the school that is exciting. This is well-being for me, Granny says, when Im happy and I dont get worn out.