Justin Bieber Belts His Own Hits In Carpool with James Corden

James Corden is killing it with among his most popular reoccurring sections

James Corden is killing it with one of his most popular re-occurring segments

The Late Late Show with James Corden continues to be making headlines and creating lots of viral videos since its introduction less than 3 months past. They have done movie histories for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Hanks, and he is formed a dodgeball game with the likes of One Direction.

Some of his hottest videos online come in a section called Carpool Karaoke. He takes all manner of crooners sometimes running errands, but constantly playing with their successes to allow them to reminisce and jam out to themselves. He is had Mariah Carey on, and it was one of his largest videos. He also drove around with Jennifer Hudson on, and she sang James’ drive through order at the window. FirstSlice did a complete write up of the finest moments from that video.

Now, it was Justin Bieber’s move in the hot (passenger) seat

This time, it was Justin Bieber

Bieber seen rehabilitating his standing sat down to head for the show. Naturally, the first tune that James picked to sing with the Biebs was Baby, now the 2nd most seen YouTube video of time (over 1 BILLION views).

Corden afterward quizzed Bieber on this suspicious line from Boyfriend: “Chillin’ by the fire while we eatin’ fondue”

Corden then quizzed Bieber on this dubious line from Boyfriend: "Chillin

Corden said that fondue just isn’t a hot date food, because of the messiness of the cheese. Bieber countered that chocolate fondue is extremely hot. Corden said that Bieber likely only used and cut to the chase.

Bieber acknowledged that yes, it was just for the rhyme, and it resulted in the second above.

It would not be a carpool without bites, while they chowed down on chips and Corden quizzed the singer.

It wouldn

After Corden asked about his private “swag,” Justin confessed he was envious. This resulted in a spontaneous clothing swap.

After Corden asked about his personal

Corden even challenges Bieber to solve a Rubik’s cube, as magnificently depicted in Never Say Never. He does so handily.

Corden even challenges Bieber to solve a Rubik

In addition they jam Skrillex, to the Diplo and of course Bieber hit Where Are U Now.

They also jam to the Diplo, Skrillex and of course Bieber hit <a href=

Whole with robot dancing breakdwon

Complete with robot dancing breakdwon

Overall, it is undoubtedly an endearing video, as it finishes with Justin crooning “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men.

All in all, it

Take a look at the video that is complete under, and match the Late Late Show to see what James Corden does next!

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